Colourfull Stingrays Apple iPhone 11 Pro Mobile Cover

799.00 429.00

  • Glossy Reflective Case (Not Glass)
  • High definition glossy finish print.
  • Looks like glass cover.
  • Impact resistant durable hard case that does not crack on impact like glass covers from other brands.
  • Extremely slim profile.
  • Access to all standard buttons and ports.
  • Complete 360 degree Protection.
  • Easy 7 day returns.


1. Complete Accessibility

This case provides uninterrupted access to all buttons, charging port, headphone jack, camera, etc.

2. Hard Durable Case With Glass Textured Finish

This case is made up of hard poly-carbonate and is durable to light to medium impacts, unlike glass cases from other brands which tend to crack when the case is subjected to impact. The BEST part is that not only do these cases look better than the glass covers but also provide better protection.

3. High Definition Print

High quality glossy long lasting print which reflects light and gives a glass cover look!

4. Extremely Slim Profile

Slim profile allows the case to fit into the pocket easily.

5. 360 Degree Complete Protection

Rubber on all the four sides provides complete protection and has precise cut-outs for chargers and speakers. It also provides excellent grip.


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